You must have the following qualifications to receive exposure from Integrity Sports Recruiting:


G – Grades:

  • Student athlete needs to have around a 2.75 and above GPA.
  • 2.5 GPA is okay if you have been showing improvement in the later years on your
  • Lower than 2.5 GPA best chances are D2 unless you are a star player they want to take a
    chance on. (D2 have lower academic standards to get into school).
  • Remember, you are a student athlete so if you have an overall 3.25 to 3.5 GPA, I’m able
    to send info to academic schools, giving yourself more opportunities for a scholarship
    Minimum scores ACT(18)/SAT (820)

P – Passion

  • “You have to make them see your passion”
  • Coaches can’t teach effort, so when it’s displayed on film it makes you more attractive.
  • Passion on and off the field shows your character.

A- Athletic Ability

  • Size, speed, and skill set at your position
  • Nothing wrong with having D1AA or D2 talent
  • If you’re 5’6 you better be fast. If you’re undersized, you have to have productivity

C – Character

  • Good foundation… family support (extended family, coaches, mentors, etc..)
  • What is your plan? What major do you want to study?
  • Can’t say, “I want to go to college” and have a 2.3 GPA!
  • Rapport with your coach


Actively working as guest analyst for the following separate companies.